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  • Orca_Cubesat
    SSDL and GTRI Collaborate to Launch AE's Latest CubeSat
    Dr. Brian Gunter's research group, along with a GTRI team led by Dr. Chris Valenta, have worked together to design and assemble the Orbital Calibration ("OrCa") 12U CubeSat. The spacecraft launched aboard a ULA Atlas V rocket on March 26th and was successfully deployed into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO).
  • kokiho2
    Dr. Koki Ho awarded National Science Foundation's CAREER grant

    Dr. Ho has been awarded a five year $500K National Science Foundation CAREER grant to address a grand challenge in complex system design: enabling the design of flexible large-scale complex systems under future operational uncertainties in demands, environment, and performance.

  • gunter
    Dr. Gunter collaborates on Greenland Ice Sheet Study in Nature

    A group of more than 90 international scientists -- including our very own Dr. Brian Gunter - has released findings that indicate Greenland's ice loss between 1992 and 2018 is enough to push sea levels up by 10.6 millimeters. 

  • fall2019 photo
    Congratulations Fall 2019 Graduates

    Congratulations to the following SSDL Students who received their graduate degrees in the 2019 Fall semester : John Amin (MS), Dawn Andrews(MS), Julian Brew (PhD), Josh Ingersoll (MS) and Jacob Payne (MS). 

  • sss_first_place
    SSDL students win at SSI

    The third annual Symposium on Space Innovations was held on Nov 17 and Nov 18 at Georgia Tech. It was a well attended event with over 300 academics, professionals, and government leaders that highlighted recent innovations in space science and technologies through a combination of technical presentations, panel discussions, guest speakers, and poster presentations.