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  • Congratulations Spring and Summer 2022 Graduates!

    Congratulations to the following SSDL students on graduating in Spring and Summer 2022- Thomas Claudet, Brandon Colón, Nathan Daniel, Luke DiStasio, Youssof Fassi, Kohei Kotani, Lacey Littleton, Jishnu Medisetti, Akshay Menon, Brian Murphy, Kian Shirazi, Celeste Smith, Ariel Tokarz, and Yana Charoenboonvivat!

  • Professor John Christian Elected Fellow of AAS

    Professor Christian was elected as a 2021 AAS fellow. The AAS is a premier professional organization in the aerospace community. This fellowship is very selective, and a great honor. Congratulations to Dr. Christian on this achievement!

  • SSDL Students Receive Prestigious NSF Fellowship

    Yana Charoenboonvivat and Shan Selvamurugan both received the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. This fellowship will fund their research for the next 3 years. Shan will be working towards his PhD here in the SSDL, and Yana will be pursuing her PhD at MIT. A big congratulations to these students!

  • TARGIT and GT-1 Teams
    TARGIT and GT-1 Launch

    The TARGIT and GT-1 missions were launched to the ISS as part of the CRS-24 mission on December 21, 2021. The satellites will be deployed from the ISS in the coming months. This is an exciting milestone for the lab and all members of the teams that made this possible.

  • Congratulations Fall 2021 Graduates!

    Congratulations to the following SSDL students on graduating in Fall 2021- Byron Davis and Kenneth Hart(PhD), Brandon Colón, Christopher Murphy, Daniel Nguyen, Kaushik Manchikanti, Maximilian Kolhof and Milad Mozayyni(MS). We wish them the best for the future!