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Dr. Koki Ho

Associate Professor

Office Address

620 Cherry St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30332
United States

Room Number
ESM 205
Email Address
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Dr. Ho's research focuses on the development of mathematical theories and their application to rigorous space mission analysis, design, and optimization. Some of his specific research interests include (1) network modeling for campaign-level space mission design; (2) optimization and probabilistic modeling for in-space infrastructure design and operations; (3) mega-scale satellite constellation design, deployment, and maintenance; and (4) sensor steering planning for space situational awareness. His unique research connecting optimization, systems engineering, and space applications has been and will continue providing substantial impact to modern and future space missions that involve multiple missions, multiple vehicles, and reusable infrastructure elements. Ho earned his Ph.D. at MIT and his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Tokyo. He is the recipient of the NASA Early Career Faculty Award (2019), the DARPA Young Faculty Award (2019), and the Luigi Napolitano Award (2015), and he is a co-author of one of the most downloaded Acta Astronautica articles. His research has been funded by NASA, DARPA, and industry.