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Graduate Research, Teaching, and Other Support

Many AE graduate students receive financial support for their graduate studies through graduate research assistantships (GRA) or graduate teaching assistantships (GTA). The School cannot guarantee assignment to these paying positions, but every effort is made to match appropriate students to available slots and to assist students in bridging occasional gaps in funding. The final decisions for GRAs in AE are made by individual faculty; GTA assignments are made by the associate chair of the AE Graduate Program.

Students seeking additional support are encouraged to find out about a wide range of other grants, scholarships, and a fellowships available to Georgia Tech students through the Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Research Assistantships 

With an annual research budget of more than $31 million, the AE School strongly supports its educational and research programs by awarding  graduate research assistantships (GRAs) to many incoming and current students. GRAs are funded by research grants and contracts. The AE faculty award the available GRAs to capable students whose background and research interests best align with these projects. Students chosen for GRAs typically receive stipends of up to $2,167 per month and a reduced tuition ($25/semester) in return for their work on the sponsored research project. GRA recipients must consult with their faculty advisor each semester to determine the status of their funding.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Through the graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) program, the AE School offers three levels of support to grad students who have not yet secured sponsored funding for their research.

Level I GTA provides new/incoming graduate students with a stipend of $2,167 per month and reduced tuition ($25/semester) for their first Fall and Spring semesters in the AE School. Level I GTAs are expected to spend an average of 20 hours per week assisting in teaching labs and design courses. The two-semester limit is designed to encourage students to actively secure sponsored research funding for their long-term needs. Students whose graduate applications indicate a need for financial help are not required to fill out anything additional; they are automatically considered for these positions.

Level II GTA provides existing graduate students with a stipend of $1,500 per month and reduced tuition ($25/semester). Graduate students who are already enrolled are given an opportunity to apply for these positions (for Fall and Spring semesters) which are designed to be assigned for one semester at a time. Level II GTAs are expected to spend on average about 20 hours per week on their teaching duties which include teaching labs and design courses. At the discretion of the School, GTAs are sometimes used to bridge a funding gap for a student whose GRA funding has been temporarily delayed or briefly lapsed.