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Lunar Flashlight Propulsion System

Project Sponsor
Project Status
To be Launched June 2021
Faculty Investigator
Dr. Glenn Lightsey

Working with our partners at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and Jet Propulsion Lab, Georgia Tech’s SSDL is designing and building a new CubeSat green propellant propulsion system to perform orbit insertion for NASA’s Lunar Flashlight which will be deployed on the Artemis-1 mission in 2021.



Lunar Flashlight is a JPL CubeSat  mission whose objective is to investigate the lunar poles for water ice and other volatiles. It is planned for launch as a secondary payload on Artemis-1, and endeavors to be the first CubeSat to reach the moon.


Responsibilities of SSDL, include direct involvement with the propulsion system’s design, manufacturing, integration, and first rounds of environmental testing, to culminate in a hardware handoff of the flight unit to NASA Marshall. The system design plans to leverage metal additive manufacturing, custom electronics, and several cutting-edge micro-fluidic components – all of which are “next steps up” from Georgia Tech’s well-established methodologies for developing cold-gas propulsion systems.