Prospective Students

We are presently accepting applications to fill a limited number of Graduate Research Assistant positions for the Fall 2018. Please send your application to the Graduate Admissions office in the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering and indicate interest in SSDL in your essay. Georgia Tech offers both M.S. and Ph.D. courses of study in space systems engineering. The typical M.S. program requires four semesters. While one of these semesters could be taken in the summer, most SSDL graduate students opt for summer employment in the space industry instead. The Ph.D. program generally requires three to four years beyond the MS degree.

We are also accepting applications for a limited number of Undergraduate Research Scholars for the 2017 calendar year. Members of the AE Honors program will be given preference. Applicants should have completed (or be enrolled in) one of the space systems design courses and space flight mechanics. To be considered, please email your resume to Professor Lightsey prior to December 1, 2017.