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  • Hang_Woon_AAS
    Hang Woon Lee Receives AAS Molly K. Macauley Award
    Hang Woon Lee, has received the AAS Molly K. Macauley Award for his paper and presentation about the startup challenges in the space-based communications industry.
  • temp
    SSDL Professors featured in 'We are the Engineers' magazine

    SSDL Professors Dr. Lightsey and Dr. Ho are featured in this semester's 'We are the Engineers' magazine by the College of Engineering for their work in advancing space exploration technology. Dr. Lightsey's work on his team's efforts to build autonomous miniature spacecrafts to match performance of large spacecrafts. Also mentioned was his work with developing propulsive technologies for use on CubeSats. Dr. Ho and his Space Systems Optimization Group's research on using mathematical models to solve space transportation logistics problem.

  • blue angels
    Congratulations Spring 2020 Graduates
    Congratulations to the Spring 2020 graduates : Steve Hall, Giovanny Guecha-ahamada, Luke Renegar, Devin Wu, Phillip Szot and Chris Carter(all MS)
  • Lee_Alex_NDSEG
    Alex Lee Receives NDSEG Fellowship
    Alex Lee, has received the DoD's National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship for his proposal on 'Improving the precision level of relative positioning of satellites (probably small sats) by using quantum metrology so that formation flying satellites can have improved capability on remote sensing, etc.'
  • Orca_Cubesat
    SSDL and GTRI Collaborate to Launch AE's Latest CubeSat
    Dr. Brian Gunter's research group, along with a GTRI team led by Dr. Chris Valenta, have worked together to design and assemble the Orbital Calibration ("OrCa") 12U CubeSat. The spacecraft launched aboard a ULA Atlas V rocket on March 26th and was successfully deployed into a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO).