• Congratulations to SSDL Professor Brian Gunter and the design team of the Ranging and Nanosatellite Guidance Experiment (RANGE) mission who delivered their flight hardware on September 28, 2018. RANGE should be launched later this year.

  • The SSDL is pleased to welcome graduate students Jairus Elarbee, Steve Hall, Richard Hunter, Joshua Ingersoll, Connor Lawson, Mohamed Nassif, Jacob Payne, Luke Renegar, and Devin Wu who are joining in the Fall 2018 semester.

  • Congratulations to SSDL Students Alexandra Long, Christopher McBryde, and Peter Schulte who successfully received their PhD degrees in Summer 2018.

  • SSDL Professor Brian Gunter's research partnership with startup company Xenesis on laser communications was featured on the GTAE web site.

  • Congratulations to the following SSDL Students who received their graduate degrees in the 2018 Spring semester: Andris Jaunzemis (PhD), Timothy Murphy (PhD), Lyndy Axon (MS), Alex Boisvert (MS), Joshua Carnes (MS), Chris DeGraw (MS), Matthew Heron (MS), Tanish Himani (MS), Jian Li (MS), Bryan Mann (MS), Francis Park (MS), Swapnil Pujari (MS), Kenneth Smith (MS), Jason Swenson (MS), and Jillian Yuricich (MS).

  • SSDL Professor Brian Gunter was selected as a 2018 CSTAR JPL Summer Faculty Fellow for his proposal "Earth and Planetary Mission Analysis Using MONTE."

  • The SSDL is pleased to welcome guest speaker Dr. Christine Hartzell from the University of Maryland on February 22, 2018. Dr. Hartzell will speak on the topic "Non-Gravitational Forces and the Behavior of Grains: Application in Planetary Science and Spacecraft Design".

  • SSDL Professor Glenn Lightsey is a commercial space panelist in New Space Day at Georgia Tech on February 20, 2018. The event is sponsored by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space and Sigma Gamma Tau.

  • SSDL Students and Faculty were featured in recent stories about the first Falcon Heavy space flight which occurred on February 6. Links to stories can be found here and here.

  • The SSDL is pleased to welcome guest speaker Dr. Eric Stoneking from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on February 2, 2018. Dr. Stoneking will speak on the topic "42: An Open-Source Simulation Tool for Study and Design of Spacecraft Attitude Control Systems".

  • The SSDL is pleased to welcome graduate students John Amin, Yanjie Guo, Kenneth Smith, and Peter Somers who are starting in January 2018.

  • Congratulations to Grant Rossman who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Conceptual Thermal Response Modeling, Testing, and Design of Flexible Heatshield Insulation Materials.”

  • Congratulations to SSDL graduates Grant Rossman (PhD), Julian Brew (MS), Roshan Selvaratnam (MS), and Joseph Sparta (BS) who received their degrees in the Fall 2017 commencement.

  • Congratulations to SSDL student Andris Jaunzemis who received the Best Student Paper award at the 1st IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness for his paper "Judicial Evidential Reasoning for Decision Support Applied to Orbit Insertion Failure."

  • SSDL Professor Brian Gunter and SSDL students Christopher Carter, Kip Hart, Tanish Himani, Jian Li, Swapnil Pujari, Peter Schulte, and Joey Sparta are presenting at the Symposium on Space Innovations held at Georgia Tech on October 19, 2017. You can read more about the event and the topics of their talks at these news releases here, here, and here.