• Congratulations to Tyler Anderson, Michael Herman, and Zachary Levine who received their M.S. degrees at the Fall 2016 commencement.

  • The SSDL is pleased to welcome Sterling Peet as a full time Research Scientist. Sterling will coordinate, support, and develop activities being conducted within the SSDL Flight Projects Lab as its lab manager.

  • The SSDL was featured in the 2016 School of Aerospace Engineering Annual Report.

  • Professor Marcus Holzinger was selected for an Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award. The award is given to outstanding scientists and engineers at research institutions who have received their PhDs within the last five years. Professor Holzinger's award will further his research on the improvement of object detection, tracking, and characterization using Electro-Optical sensors in Space and Air Domain Awareness applications.

  • Professor Glenn Lightsey was appointed to the Georgia State Senate Camden County Spaceport Senate Study Committee. The committee was established to identify challenges and opportunities related to a commercial spaceport in Georgia. The committee heard testimony and issued a recommendation to the Georgia State Senate in December 2016.

  • SSDL is pleased to welcome the following new graduate students into the lab this Fall: Alex Boisvert, Austin Claybrook, Chris DeGraw, Clarence Du, Matt Heron, Swapnil Pujari, and Jillian Yuricich.

  • On August 23, Professor Bobby Braun testified before Georgia House Study Committee on the role of the potential Camden County Spaceport in the Georgia aerospace economy. A full article on the hearing is published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle entitled, "Georgia spaceport project hinges on liability shield law."

  • Graduate researcher and Prox-1 Lead Systems Engineer Swapnil Pujari works on the Prox-1 hardware. The open space in the center of the spacecraft will house LightSail 2, a companion satellite which will deploy and control a solar sail. Prox-1 will orbit in close proximity to LightSail 2 and will demonstrate automated trajectory control based upon relative orbit determination using infrared imaging. Prox-1 will provide on-orbit inspection of the LightSail 2 solar sail deployment event.

  • Featured on-air from WABE, professors David Spencer and Brian Gunter describe the cubesat missions Prox-1 and RANGE. The feature can be listened to at: http://news.wabe.org/post/georgia-tech-prepares-liftoff-tiny-satellites

  • Congratulations to SSDL students Ryan Coder, who received a Ph.D., and Parker Francis, Kevin Seywald and Bryce Woollard who received M.S. degrees in the Summer 2016 commencement.

  • Professor Robert D. Braun will become the next Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder effective January 3, 2017. He will join the CU Boulder faculty as a Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences on October 1, 2016.

  • AAS 15-748, "Analytical Assessment of Drag-Modulation Trajectory Control for Planetary Entry with Application to Real-Time Guidance," authored by SSDL researchers Zach Putnam and Robert Braun was recently named as the best paper from the 2015 AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference.

  • Fifteen SSDL graduate students, past and present, participated in 13th International Planetary Probe Workshop held at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory in June 2016. Twelve of the students are current or former members of Prof. Braun's EDL-focused research group.

  • Congratulations to Ryan Coder who completed and successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled "Multi-Objective Design of Small Telescopes and Their Application to Space Object Characterization."

  • Congratulations to SSDL students Jeremy Hill and Francesca Favarò, who received Ph.D's, Rob Booher, who received a M.S., and Nate Skolnick, who received a B.S., in the Spring 2016 commencement.